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Whether you’re an adult or a kid, sometimes a warm water salt bath is all you need to get your body and mind back in balance.

Carrie Wright, founder of Intown Salt Room, Atlanta’s first stand-alone salt room, has launched “bathtime salts,” a line of bath salts specifically formulated to help people of all ages with overall wellness and relaxation.

Only natural and organic ingredients are used in bathtime salts, which when added to warm water baths, help soothe skin, relieve muscle tension and improve sleep.

“I created these bath salts to fill a void I saw in the marketplace, with so many varieties available, it was difficult to find one that had fewer complex, non-toxic ingredients and therefore was a safe go-to bath time product for everyone in the household. Adults and kids can all benefit from my new bathtime salts, but I think women and moms especially who are vigilant about their own and their family’s skin will most appreciate the absence of toxins.” ~Carrie Wright

Bathtime salts offer transparent, all-natural and organic ingredients,  compostable packaging, and the safety and convenience of a single pouch for every bath, making it ideal for home and travel.

Currently, two types of fragrance-free salts are available; RESTORE featuring Epsom and Himalayan pink sea salts and coconut milk powder and SOOTHE containing Epsom salt, dead sea salt and organic oatmeal. Since the formula includes only fine grain ingredients, bathtime salts are safe for jetted tubs.

Stay Salty!