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Benefits of Bath Time

When was the last time you took a bath – not just to wash up, but actually to relax?

If you’re like many modern women, the answer is, “when do I have time for that?”

 We get it. However, despite how busy society makes us, there are proven benefits to slowing down and taking some time for yourself. Bath time can help reduce stress, encourage sleep, and calm your mind. Even better, it can do the same for your kids.

 Why is it so hard to find time for self-care, and what makes it so important? Let’s take a look.

 Why Are We So Busy?

Being too busy to take care of ourselves properly obviously causes harm. We rush around, eat poorly, and rarely take time for stillness. Most of us even realize that these things are bad for us. So why do we still stay so busy?

 Today, being “so busy” is a status symbol. Being a workaholic comes with a lot of prestige, along with promotions and increased salary. The one who leaves the office last is seen as the best, hardest worker – not someone who is inefficient or unable to manage time.

 As a result, saying that you are busy means that you are in demand. You are valuable in the work you do. You don’t have time to be idle; you’re too important! So we stay busy to increase our bragging rights as well as our status at work.

 There are other reasons we stay busy as well. We fear missing out – and we especially fear our children missing out. So we keep them, and ourselves by extension, busy with as many activities as possible. Also, our digital age means that we are always connected to the internet. The feeling of being “always on” and continuously have content to consume makes it hard to slow down.

 Even Our Kids are Too Busy

You may think of your childhood as an idyllic time, a time when you had lots of freedom and few responsibilities. Unfortunately, today’s kids aren’t having the same experience with their childhoods. Between a variety of sports, increased homework loads at school, and extracurricular activities, even children are more stressed than ever.

 It’s not always the parents’ fault, either. Even parents who want children to have a slower life deal with the demands of constant media saturation, smartphones keeping kids staring at screens, and their child’s own fear of missing out if they don’t do every activity.

 There’s also the feeling that getting into college has become more competitive than ever, and without a 4.0 and a dozen activities they don’t stand a chance of getting a scholarship or gaining admission to a competitive school. So families over-schedule and run everyone ragged in the process.

 While we can promise a solution to all the world’s problems, we do have an option that’s easier than you might imagine – making time for a relaxing bath regularly. What benefit does that have? A lot!

 The Benefits of Bath Time for Adults

Most women would love the chance to take a warm, relaxing bath, but they feel it isn’t a real possibility. Keep in mind, though, that you can schedule time for the things that mean the most to you and your family. If you realized how beneficial baths were, you might be inclined to make space for them.

 So what’s so great about a bath? Primarily, it’s about slowing down both your body and your mind. Settling into warm water feels great, and it seems to almost automatically bring us into the present moment. For a little while, you can forget about what’s next on the schedule and simply relax.

 Baths also help boost your mood. People report less depression and pessimism when they take relaxing baths more often. A bath induces feelings of comfort.

 Another significant benefit is that baths help you sleep far better. Getting enough sleep is hard, especially when you have adult responsibilities weighing you down. It’s easy to lie in bed and worry about work, money problems, or other issues. A warm bath helps you relax and fall asleep much more quickly.

 A Bath Reduces Stress for Kids as Well

Most of us think of a bath as a way to get our kids clean after a long day, but allowing them enough time to play and relax as well can be a significant benefit. Kids feel stress – especially in today’s connected world – and baths help them relax just like adults.

 A bath also gives them a place to play, laugh, and be silly in a way they can’t always be when they are at school or participating in outside activities. It’s a warm, comforting, relaxing activity.

 Just like adults, children must get enough sleep. Kids who get enough sleep have better behavior, learn better in school, and have better mental and physical health. If a warm relaxing bath helps them achieve those benefits, it helps the whole family!

 Add Salt For an Extra Bath Boost

A warm bath is wonderful, but adding bath salt can take it to another level. Bath salt, including Epsom salt, dead sea salt, or Himalayan salt, can help reduce swelling and muscle pain on adults and school-aged kids.

 Using bath salt adds extra relaxation to any bath. If you’re looking for a way to slow down, spend time in the present moment, and let go of stress, a warm bath with salt is the perfect solution.

Take Advantage of the Benefits of a Bath Today!

Slowing down improves your physical and mental health and gives you more energy to tackle the challenges of your days. For children ages six and over, a warm relaxing bath has the same benefits. Prioritize the health of your family by making time for relaxing baths regularly.

 Adding bath salts will give you even more relaxation and pain relief. There’s no way around it – a warm bath is essential if you’re going to do well in today’s fast-paced, stressful world.