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Simpler Is Better

Would you put antifreeze on your face? How about known carcinogens?


That’s right, many of us are putting toxic chemicals directly on our skin every day and we don’t even know it. Read on to learn about the importance of knowing what is in your beauty and bath products and why you should be choosing brands that use nontoxic ingredients.

Skin Products Are Regulated, Right?

In a country that seems to regulate everything, most of us probably assume that the ingredients in skincare products are highly regulated as well.

Unfortunately, they’re not. Many skincare brands will put ingredients in their products that will give the most pleasant aroma or create a pleasing lather. The skin, as our largest organ, absorbs whatever you put on it. This study from way back in 1984 found that an average of 64% of a dosage of toxic chemicals in drinking water was absorbed through the skin.

So why is it that over 35 years later, we’re still buying products with harmful ingredients?

The good news is, skincare brands are starting to step forward and do the right thing allowing consumers to put their money towards products that use nontoxic ingredients.

How to Protect Yourself and Your Family

There are thousands of hard-to-pronounce and even harder to remember ingredients that are used in skincare products. Even if you do get in the habit of checking labels, how do you know which ones to avoid? Plus, remember that some harmful ingredients can be lurking behind harmless-sounding names like “fragrance”.

Start by choosing safe, non-toxic bath products, cosmetics, and skincare products for your family. The simpler the ingredients the better.  While the FDA’s hands might be tied when it comes to regulating bath and beauty products the Environmental Working Group is doing its best to educate consumers by rating products according to their hazard level.

When bathtime needs a salty boost, check out our mineral rich and non-toxic bath salts that everyone in the household can use to help soothe skin, relax sore muscles or simply de-stress from the day.


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